NVIDIA is popularly associated with the GeForce brand of GPUs 

NVIDIA Today, NVIDIA is a powerful brand in visual computing. The company’s passionate work has resulted in thousands of patented inventions, breakthrough technologies and deep industry relationships. As the inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU), NVIDIA awakened the world to the powerful computer graphics. Now, with a deep focus on visual computing, the company has expanded into supercomputing, mobile computing and cloud computing.   

Unique Quotient An incredibly dynamic and fast-moving company, NVIDIA has been successful in creating a strong brand through its consistent technology innovation and leadership. Driven by the needs of consumers and professionals alike, the company continues to offer new and delightful visual computing experiences to them. Whether it is a gaming enthusiast craving for the most immersive entertainment, a gadget aficionado who is looking for the hottest tablet or an animator/ film maker working on the latest hit movie, NVIDIA constantly takes you up on the challenge, raises the bar and ensures that the brand grows from strength to strength.  

Competitive Advantage Competitive advantage in a field as fast moving as graphics processing are tenuous and very short lived. Technology cycles here can last less than a year. And NVIDIA’s technology leadership with a laser focus on innovation has ensured the company’s relevance to its users for the past twenty years. NVIDIA had a vital role to play in NASA’s latest mission to Mars.

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Scientists at NASA practice NVIDIA Quadro solutions to plot the schedules of rovers, ensure successful operation, and maximize knowledge gained from the mission. In a completely different field, NVIDIA technology powers luxury-automobile brand Audi’s newest auto-infotainment system. This sheer width and range of solutions has fetched NVIDIA its #1 ranking for innovation by the Fortune magazine two years in a row.   Feats Fetched A leader in PC graphics, NVIDIA is popularly associated with the GeForce brand of graphics processors, which find extensive use in the gaming industry. One of the factors that has made NVIDIA the Numero Uno vendor in the space concerned is its relentless focus on the end-users and how its products can add real value to them. In fact, this has been the driving force behind the robust growth of all of NVIDIA’s powerful brands of GPUs.

According to latest report published by Atlantic Market Research titled as "Graphics Processing Unit Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021 – 2030", the graphics processing unit market is estimated to generate a CAGR of 33.5% during forecast period 2021-2030.

Did you know?

  • Every film nominated in the past four years for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects category was made using NVIDIA technology. 
  • NVIDIA processors permits the infotainment systems and digital dashboards in more than hundred cars, including models from Tesla Motors, Lamborghini, Audi, Mini, Rolls Royce and VW.
  • Medical researchers at France’s LIRMM use NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs to “virtually” still a beating heart, enabling surgeons to treat patients by guiding robotic arms that predict and adjust for movement. 
  • NVIDIA GRID leverages some of the supercomputer technology to render and stream games from the cloud, with thousands of engineers dedicated to creating the ultimate system for gaming-as-a-service operators. Think of it as a gaming supercomputer in the cloud, built by NVIDIA.

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