2020-2027 Analysis and Review Neurotrophic Keratitis Market

Neurotrophic Keratitis Market

Neurotrophic Keratitis Market By Medication (Preservative Free Artificial Tears, Topical Antibiotics, Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor, Bandage Contact Lenses), By Surgical Intervention (Tarsorrhaphy and Amniotic Membrane Transplant) - Growth, Future Prospects & Competitive Analysis, 2019 – 2027

01-01-2020 REP-HC-5000 40 Tables 110 pages Format

The global neurotrophic keratitis market was valued at USD 515.8 Mn in 2018. An increasing number of patients suffering with neurotrophic keratitis throughout the globe and supportive regulatory environment created for early approval of drugs for the treatment of neurotrophic keratitis together drive the market growth. Recent approval of promising drugs such as Oxervate and TB4 will be replacing the traditional treatment regimen pertaining to neurotrophic keratitis.

 Neurotrophic Keratitis Market

Neurotrophic keratitis is generally defined as a rare eye disorder that occurs due to the damage caused to the 5th cranial nerve enervating from the trigeminal nucleus to the nerve endings which are predominantly present in the corneal region of the eye. It is considered a rare disease and regulatory agencies worldwide have expedited the drug development protocols pertaining to the treatment of neurotrophic keratitis. The major obstacle faced by healthcare professionals is the overlapping symptoms of neurotrophic keratitis with other eye infections which eventually results in inaccurate diagnosis and treatment regimen. The opportunity associated with the market is the effective implementation of diagnosis and treatment regimen in the developing economies.

The major segments pertaining to the neurotrophic keratitis market are by medication and surgical intervention. The segments are further divided across different regional segments comprising North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, and Africa.

Justification for study?

  • The intention of the study is to give a comprehensive outlook of the global neurotrophic keratitis market
  • The overall segmentation of the neurotrophic keratitis market, by medication, surgical intervention, and region is minutely studied. Preservative-free artificial tears and tarsorrhaphy are dominating the medication and surgical intervention segments respectively
  • Rising prevalence of neurotrophic keratitis and developing healthcare infrastructure in Asia Pacific will consolidate the market growth
  • Technological advancement in the ophthalmology surgical procedures and increasing drug development activities fortify the market growth

Report gist?

  • The study of the global neurotrophic keratitis market includes qualitative analysis of factors such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities
  • The report covers qualitative and quantitative analysis of the overall market segmented on the basis of medication and surgical intervention and distribution of the same at the regional level
  • Market sizes and forecasts have been provided for all contemplated segments
  • The study includes the profiles of major market players with a significant global and regional presence along with top company positioning

Significant customers?

  • This study is suitable for industry participants and stakeholders in the ophthalmology care focusing on the technological development in surgical intervention and novel drug delivery
  • The report will benefit administrative heads of ophthalmology care industries that are engaged in the medication and surgical intervention for eye disorders
  • Managers with financial institutions looking to publish recent and forecasted statistics pertaining to neurotrophic keratitis market
  • Financial institutions venture capitalist, analysts, investors, government organizations, policymakers, regulatory authorities, researchers, looking for insights into the market to determine future strategies

Segment Analysis

The prevalence rate associated with neurotrophic keratitis 5 per 10,000 people worldwide. It is considered an orphan disease of the corneal membrane of the eye which eventually results in the permanent loss of corneal sensation and inhibits its healing process. The guidelines implemented by ophthalmologist worldwide basically depends upon the various stages of the disease and accurate diagnosis. Preservative-free artificial tears are currently spearheading the medication segment due to its applicability in various stages of the corneal injury owing to its capability to provide lubrication and moisture wetness to the irritated corneal surface and stimulates lacrimation which is useful in maintaining eye hygiene Topical antibiotics are prescribed judiciously especially in the 2nd stage of the disease as a preventive measure against corneal infection.

However, in spite of the medicinal treatment surgical intervention has proved beneficial in the 3rd stage of the disease. The surgical intervention is further categorized as Tarsorraphy and amniotic membrane transplantation. Tarsorrhaphy is dominating the surgical intervention segment owing to its popularity among ophthalmologists for the treatment of corneal ulcers.

Regional Analysis

In the present scenario, North America is responsible for 33.5% market share in 2018, in the geography segment for neurotrophic keratitis market. The sole factors responsible for outstanding market growth are rising incidence rate of stage 1 neurotrophic keratitis and huge investment made by government healthcare authorities for the development of novel drug development pertaining to treatment of corneal infection. As per the research citing of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the number of people suffering from neurotrophic keratitis is 65,000. The presence of key players Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Allergan, Plc., Bausch & Lomb Incorporated etc., further accentuates the market growth in the North America region. The second place is the European region which completely depends on the prominent growth factors such as implementation guidelines by an effective diagnosis of neurotrophic keratitis by local healthcare agencies. In addition the European Medical Agency (EMA) has given early clearance for the drugs pertaining to corneal eye infection. Asia Pacific is set to embark on an impressive growth during the forecast period on account of the rising prevalence of neurotrophic keratitis in the elderly population and developing healthcare infrastructure specializing in ophthalmology research and care centers.

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