About Us

About Atlantic Market Research

Atlantic Market Research is the largest provider of market research and consulting services. 

Research and consulting services of Atlantic Market Research help businesses across the globe navigate the challenges in a rapidly growing marketplace with confidence. Our customised and syndicated market research reports deliver sufficient insights that drive sustainable growth. 

Team of over 150+ research analysts provides market research at Global, Regional, and Country levels. Our research analysts are committed to provide independent insights, relying on our cognitive diffusion training module, which conditions them to look at data objectively and unbiasedly.

Industries We Serve

We offers market research reports to wide range of end-use industries, including CMFE (Chemicals, Materials, Food and Beverages), Healthcare, ICT & Electronics, Oil & Gas, Energy and Automotive.

We provide markets in both, well developed and growing regions, with special focus on MEA, APAC, and LATAM.


To be an organisation that’s trusted by its clients, respected by its employees, and admired by its competitors!


To continuously devlope great quality research reports so that our clients can make their business decisions with confidence.

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