Competitive Intelligence

The Atlantic Market Research Advantage

Leverage our cutting-edge competitive analysis models to gain a distinct advantage.


Know Who You're Competing With

Our industry-leading competition analysis offers in-depth insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of your competitors. Armed with our actionable insights, you don’t need to second-guess your competitor’s next move.


You Need Intelligence, Not Information.

Our competition analysis solutions go above and beyond to offer you intelligence about your competitors that can alter how you strategise. Our research team focuses on sifting through voluminous information to bring you real competitive intelligence.

Our Expertise

Competitive Mapping

Identify essential business differentiators with our credible competitor data to revamp your business strategies.

Competitive Benchmarking

Our competitive benchmarking solutions help you gain a realistic perspective on your position vis-à-vis your competitors. Our benchmarking solutions encompass the full spectrum – from products and services to delivery and supply chains.

Performance Differentiator Analysis

We assist businesses in sensing performance differences vis-à-vis competitors to determine rudimentary improvement areas.

Merger & Acquisition Strategies

Our fact-based competitor landscape analysis assists clients in honing their merger & acquisition strategies.

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