Who We Are

Atlantic Market Research focuses on three main areas – building a strong framework, creating awareness, improving value for our clients

Our Values

Breaking the Stereotype of Pre-Informed Opinions, Delivering Quality Research with a Neutral Mindset


Breaches of confidentiality are a far cry from our ethical research practices. We respect the privacy and rights of clients, consistently building credibility and trust.


Atlantic Market Research deeply understands the crux of professionalism in the consulting landscape. We promote the interests of the research industry and comply with laws & regulations to foster confidence and loyalty in our clients.


We rid the monotony fixed solutions that ebb the agility of business performance. Our approach trails time-efficient research, to offer authentic insights and accurate results. Clients can exploit our innovative offerings to perform faster and better.


Atlantic Market Research consulting excellence stays guarded by three pillars - commitment, innovation, and improvement. We go the extra mile for assured client satisfaction and measurable results.


Flexibility is still an exceptional trait of consulting – a key to help businesses drive value with unconventional ideas, context, and understanding. Our disruptive research framework enables scalable solutions. Our responsivity to client objectives reflects in our flexible approaches.

Our People

Atlantic Market Research is a group of passionate researchers, with a strong commitment to precision, pragmatic, and result-oriented solution 

Talent Promotion

Consistently promoting the culture of performance - we encourage ceaseless talent development to improve productivity. Our multifarious employee development programs enable efficient execution of strategy.

Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement plays an integral role in boosting productivity. We constantly work on creating a working culture, where employees are well aware of their contribution and keep breaking their own records. 

Inclusive Environment

We make it a point to hear and value all of our employees, let alone recruiting remarkable candidates with proficiency and experience. This has helped us find best-in-class research professionals.

How can we help you?

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